Tornado Potato

As much fun to say as it is to eat! Tornado Potato Fries are a hit at fairs, festivals, street parties and just about any social gathering. Young and old alike enjoy the great taste of a seasoned, french fried spiral spud!

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French Fried Potatoes -- With a Twist!

When Tornado Potatoes were introduced at the Las Vegas convention for the National Association of Concessionaires, Stick-It Concessions in Southeast Ohio was quick to realize the potential of this great product. We outfitted our mobile concession trailer with the latest equipment for serving Tornado Potato Fries. For several years now, our concession business has been serving Ohio the great taste of Tornado Potatoes along with other great foods.

We spiral slice an Idaho Potato on an 18 inch skewer and then we french fry it to perfection. Add your choice of seasoning or enjoy it plain. We call them Tornado Potato Fries. They also go by other names such as Chip Sticks, Spiral Spuds, Potato Springs, Twisted Tators, Saratoga Swirls, and just plain Tornado Potatoes. Call them what you like, we are happy to serve them to you.

While we are based just outside of Athens Ohio, we do travel throughout the state to various fairs, festivals, and street parties. Our Concession business passes all state health codes and is fully licensed to vend throughout Ohio as well as other states.

Tornado Potato Customers:

"This is the best food on the midway." Athens County fair customer

"This is the best Late night food in Athens." Ohio University Student

"WOW!" Drunk Ohio University Student

Thank You!

Thanks to the Tens of thousands of customers over the years that have made Tornado Potato a household name. Being one of the very 1st vendors to offer Tornado Potatoes in the United States, your support means a great deal to us.

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Tornado Potato Fries vends year round in the Athens Ohio area. We can be found at local fairs and festivals.

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  • Did You Know. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • The average American eats 137.9 pounds of potatoes each year!

  • Potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space!

  • Potatoes are TOTALLY gluten-free!